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Digital Audio PC Interface from Aardvark

    Aark 24
10 x in   10 x out
Aardvark Aark 24
Achieving superior sound requires simple foolproof gear. That's why studio pros world-wide trust Aardvark digital audio products to always deliver natural, dynamic sound. The pros know Aardvark's professional components and high-quality construction ensure incredible resolution and powerful realism in their music.

Now the Aark 24 brings the same quality and clarity to PC recording. Its shielded outboard converters and premium Op Amps ensure ultra smooth transition from analog right to your hard disk, so the tracks you're editing have the same power and fidelity as the original creative sound.

    Minimum System Requirements
  • Pentium running Windows 95/98
  • 64 MB RAM
  • One Available PCI slot
Special Features:
  • 10 Inputs/10 Outputs
  • 24 bit A/D D/A
  • 8 1/4" Analog I/O
  • 24 Bit S/PDIF Digital I/O
  • TOSLINK & ADAT Digital I/O
  • Simultaneous Rec/Play
  • Digital Mixer
  • Easy Signal Routing
  • 24 Bit DSP
  • Virtual Monitor Mixer
  • Word Clock I/O
  • PCI Architecture Host Card
  • Win 95/98 Drivers
  • ASIO Drivers
  • Card: PCI Architecture, 5" length
    Connection to Aark 24: 6' custom 25 pin shielded cable
    On Board DSP 24 Bit, 80MIPS
    Aark 24 Interface:
    Resolution: 24 Bit
    Converters: A/D D/A Shielded Outboard Converters
    Dynamic Range 100dB, A-weighted
    THD+N 0.002%, 1kHz
    Aark 24 Package Includes:
    Aark 24 (Outboard Converter Interface)
    Aark 24 Host Card (PCI Card w/ DSP)
    Custom 25-pin Shielded Cable
    Software Control Panel
    Aark 24 Manual
    Windows 95/98 & ASIO Drivers
    Multichannel Recording Application & Effects

    Our Price: $599.00

    Soundcards/Digital Audio Interfaces

    Audio/MIDI Recording Card
    SIENA soundcard
    8 x in   8 x out
    SIENA - the latest sound system of the SEK'D product line. The PCI audio card provides eight analog inputs and outputs with a maximum resolution of 24 bit and 96kHz.

    Two separate MIDI In/Out ports can be used for master keyboards, synthesizers, expanders or synchronizers. This makes SIENA the perfect interface for combined audio and MIDI sequencers.

    Expand your system with a second SIENA interconnected by a powerful SyncBus. Use SIENA to configure an efficient multitrack system for PC hard disk recording!

    The ideal solution if you want to expand your system step by step.

    Special Features:
  • Plug & Play under WIN 95/98
  • Complete driver set for Windows 9x, Windows NT and DirectSound
  • Multiple card support (SyncBus ensures accurate synchronization)
  • SIENA can be used with any Windows recording software

    System Requirements
  • IBM compatible PC
  • Windows 95
  • Free PCI Slot
  • Fast SCSI hard disk recommended

  • Card: PCI
    Connectors: RCA via breakout cable
    Sample Rate 11.025 Hz - 96 kHz
    Audio Channels 8 x Mono In
    8 x Mono Out
    Analog to Digital-Converters:
    Resolution: 24 Bit
    Signal to Noise 95 dB (typical)
    THD+N 0.005%, 90dB
    Our Price: $499.00

    ARC 88
    The 8-channel multi tracking card with 24bit Digital Optical
    ARC 88 Soundcard
    10 x in   10 x out
    Finally a sound card that gives you the number of inputs and outputs you need! This power packed PCI card will help you with your multi track recordings with 8 analog I/O (16 bit) and a 16/24-bit digital I/O.

    Use the card with software such as Samplitude Studio or 2496 to record professional music albums!

    Special Features:
  • Plug and Play
  • Multi card support (Synchronization between cards via internal patch cable)
  • Full Duplex Mode, Record while Playback with all I/O's (analog and digital using multiple cards)
  • Input gain amplifier
  • The ARC 88 can be used with any available audio program that supports the Windows-Stereodriver-Standard
  • Cubase VST support

    System Requirements
  • IBM compatible PC
  • Pentium 166 or higher
  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • Free PCI Slot
  • Min. 16 MB RAM
  • Fast SCSI hard disk recommended

  • Card: PCI
    Analog Connection: Breakout Cable
    Sample Rate 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
    Audio Channels 8 x Mono In or 4 x Stereo In
    8 x Mono Out or 4 x Stereo Out
    Analog to Digital-Converters:
    Resolution: 16 Bit
    Converters: 64x oversampling, Sigma-Delta
    Signal to Noise -85 dB (typical)
    Dynamic Range 81 dB (typical)
    THD+N 0.025%
    Digital to Analog-Converters:
    Resolution: 16 Bit
    Converters: 64x oversampling, Sigma-Delta
    Signal to Noise -90 dB (typical)
    Dynamic Range 82 dB (typical)
    THD+N 0.022%
    Digital I/O:
    Connectors: 1 x TOSLINK optical receiver
    1 x TOSLINK optical transmitter
    Format S/PDIF
    Resolution Software Selectable 16 or 24 Bit
    Our Price: $639.00

    24 Bit / 96 kHz Digital Interface Card – plus ADAT™ & Word Clock!
    Prodif 96 PRO Soundcard
    Ready for 96kHz

    The PRODIF 96 PRO is the ultimate solution for analog/digital transfer and the recording and playback of soundfiles.

    The card offers a complete 20 bit AD/DA converter solution. Analog audio signals can be directly recorded and played back with the PRODIF 96 PRO with a variable sampling rate between 32 and 96 kHz, in 20-bit quality. The PRODIF 96 PRO was specifically developed for use in professional production and mastering studios and therefore offers no-compromise audio quality. The analog input signal-to-noise ratio of 93 dB rivals that of high-grade DAT recorders.

    The digital interface of the card offers multiple solutions. PRODIF 96 PRO includes external cable connections with XLR connectors for AES/EBU and S/PDIF consumer formats. The AES/EBU and consumer format is also available on two TOS-Link connections on the backplane of the card. The optical connections can be switched to the ADAT™ format. Multi-track recorders, digital mixing consoles, or external converters featuring an ADAT™ interface can all be used with the PRODIF 96 PRO.

    System Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC
  • Windows 95/NT
  • Free PCI Slot and unused IRQ
  • Features of Prodif 96 Pro:
  • Analog hi performance 20 bit output, up to 96 kHz sample frequency. Dynamic range > 92 dB!
  • Low impedance output ready for headphones. Two levels switchable.
  • Supported sample rates: 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2, 96 kHz
  • Output changeable during operation
  • Outputs optical / RCA / XLR work simultaneous (signal distribution possible)
  • High sensitive input stage (<0.15 peak input level)
  • High bus transfer rate (>80Mbytes/sec)
  • Multiple card driver for 2 card operation
  • Inputs and outputs ground-free transformer coupled LED for input signal
  • Super low jitter design: < 2 Ns in PLL mode @ 44.1 kHz/optical in
  • AutoSync enables perfect recording in all modes
  • Sample aligned simultaneous start of record and playback in Record while Play mode
  • 4 inputs, switchable on the fly
  • Input optical (TOSLINK), coaxial (RCA), XLR, internal digital input (for CD-ROM etc.)
  • Input and Output format S/PDIF and AES/EBU
  • Output optical (TOSLINK), coaxial (RCA), XLR, internal (Sync Out)
    Our Price: $699.00

  • Mastering and Multi-tracking Software

    Samplitude Studio
    The Digital Multi-tracking Studio!
    • Up to 999 virtual tracks
    • 100 levels of undo
    • Volume, panning and fades are processed in real time
    • Draw volume and panning curves directly into an object
    • Use the new video track for film / post production
    • Directly insert PQ-data for CD mastering
    • Edit down to single samples
    SEK'D Studio
    A Powerful Audio Toolbox

    Check out the amazing possibilities available with digital multi-track recording. Simultaneous recording on multiple tracks with the highest audio quality and real-time effects. Move away from traditional tape-based analog or digital recording formats. Cut your audio events precisely and at any position you desire. Arrange your takes as you like, free from the constraints imposed by linear media like tape. Samplitude Studio 5.5 now includes integrated real-time CD burning from within the application. All effects and real-time processing is calculated on the fly, while the CD is created! The complete recording and mastering solution!

    Our Price: $359.00

    Samplitude 24/96
    The 24 Bit 96 kHz Mastering and Multi-tracking Software for the PC!
    SEK'D Samplitude 24/96
    The Professional Choice

    Samplitude 24/96 gives you a single powerful interface with which to perform all of the precision audio manipulation necessary for both the tracking and the mastering stages of a project. A new universal project format allows mono and stereo tracks to co-exist. You will realize greater than 32 tracks at 16/44.1 kHz or more than 8 tracks with the high resolution 32-bit floating point, 96 kHz precision.

  • Professional Editing Features
  • Professional CD Burning
  • Finalize with Multiband Powertools
  • Professional Audio Effects
  • On Screen Mixer lets you route each track through fully parametric EQ's, dynamics, delays and AUX Sends.

  • Because of the complete floating point data handling, absolutely no internal clipping or resolution loss is possible. Your signal always stays as clear as it was while recording. Even at -100 dB or +40 dB!

  • Master Normalize function calibrates your output signal to exactly 0dB with one mouse click.

    Our Price: $629.00

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