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Draco Constellation

    Draco Audio is an authorized Audix Dealer. These microphones and speakers are widely acclaimed for their sound quality and affordability. We offer three primary microphone series with several models to choose from in each series for all your recording applications. Also, we carry several models of passive and active reference monitors and speakers.


OM Series
    OM-3xb $129.00
    OM-5 $189.00
    OM-6 $209.00
    OM-7 $239.00
D Series
    D-1 $139.00
    D-2 $139.00
    D-3 $139.00
    D-4  $209.00
Premium condenser mics that consist of a pre-amp section and interchangeable capsules.
    Pre-amp $219.00
    SCX-c Cardioid $219.00
    SCX-hc Hyper-cardioid $249.00
    SCX-o Omni-directional $219.00

Powerhouse Active Monitors
    PH3-s $179.00
    PH5-vs $269.00
    PH15-vs $379.00
    PH250 $499.00

Monitors priced in pairs

Studio Series Passive Speakers
    Studio 1A $479.00
Reference Series Passive Speakers
    Reference N-5 $1196.00
    Reference N-10 $1596.00

Speakers priced in pairs


The OM Series are designed principally for live vocal performances. Combining high performance, high levels of gain and very low feedback, these mics challenge other brands costing much more. Every mic is hand made in the USA and individually tested and phase matched.

Audix OM-3xb
Transducer Dynamic The original VLM Technology, high-output transformerless mic, the OM-3xb produces a natural accurate sound without distortion. It's ideal for a variety of vocal styles and applications. (Also available with an on-off switch)
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 10.5 oz
Retail Price $129.00

Audix OM-5
Transducer Dynamic The design of the OM-5 was in response to the market's demand for a super high output mic with a natural, undistorted sound. Unlike other brands using 'neodymium' magnets and having unnatural sound and excessive feedback, the OM-5 does not sacrifice sonic quality or feedback rejection to achieve its high levels of gain.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 10.8 oz
Retail Price $189.00

Audix OM-6
Transducer Dynamic The OM-6 sets a new standard for a sound quality with its extremely wide frequency response. As with other OM mics it has unmatched off-axis rejection characteristics, making it ideal for sound reinforcement, fixed installations and broadcast use. Key to the success of the OM-6 is low frequency extension and flat tailored response which allows it to exceed the sound and performance of condenser mics costing many times more.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 10.5 oz
Retail Price $209.00

Audix OM-7
Transducer Dynamic Designed specifically for professional touring, the OM-7 delivers clear distortion-free vocals in high SPL applications where stage noise is extreme. The unique capsule features a highly controlled polar pattern with minimal frequency roll-off and phase shift. This results in both greater intelligibility and unequaled gain before feedback.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 10.5 oz
Retail Price $239.00


Compact and lightweight, yet featuring full-size diaphragms, the D-Series microphones employ exclusive Sub-Impulse Technology designed specifically to achieve the true 3-dimensional sound of instruments.

Sub-Impulse Technology builds on the principles of the VLM diaphragm design to accurately pick up the subtle nuances of sub-impulse harmonics. These harmonics contribute substantially to the richness of the sound.

The lower mass of the diaphragm coupled with an extra-sensitive internal air suspension allows the outer wall of the diaphragm to react to sound waves, harmonics and sub-harmonics quicker than other mics. The result is a faster, more precise sampling of the original sound.

Housed in precision tooled blocks of pure aluminum, these mics offer the size, weight and ruggedness required for instrument mics.

A tight hypercardioid pickup pattern allows clear definition of sound without the feedback problems commonly associated with placing multiple mics in close proximity.

Audix D-1
Transducer Dynamic The D-1's natural articulation and attack make it the right choice for snare drum, cymbals, hi-hats, flutes and other instruments requiring a crisp, clean reproduction.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 4.5 oz
Retail Price $139.00

Audix D-2
Transducer Dynamic An excellent choice for instruments where punch and warmth are required within the mix, including toms, congas and kick drums. The D-2's natural warmth also makes it a great mic for saxophones and other woodwinds requiring a true, sensitive, yet big reproduction.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 4.5 oz
Retail Price $139.00

Audix D-3
Transducer Dynamic This finely tuned low-gain, low noise mic is designed for critical instruments and percussion applications. It handles extreme dynamics without coloration or distortion. It's ideal for electric guitar, drums and a variety of high SPL instruments such as trumpets and coronets.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 4.5 oz
Retail Price $139.00

Audix D-4
Transducer Dynamic Utilizes an entirely new capsule designed to capture high SPL instruments with extended frequencies below 100 Hz, such as kick drums, floor toms, timpani and piano. By employing sub-impulse technology that samples the sounds at a higher rate than other mics, the D-4 captures a truer image of the original sound.
Pickup Pattern Hypercardioid
Weight 4.5 oz
Retail Price $209.00

SCX-one Microphone

SCX-one Microphones
interchangeable microphone capsule system

S T U D I O    C O N D E N S E R    S Y S T E M

    The AUDIX SCX-One is a high quality transformerless studio condenser microphone designed for use with any one of three interchangeable capsules.

    This microphone provides exceptionally flat response, making it perfect for any ultra-critical recording or live sound application. The mic is extremely quiet, making it ideal for critical digital or analog recording. It operates on standard phantom power of 48-52 volts DC.

    The SCX-One is a high quality USA-made condenser comparable to the very finest European condenser microphones. It incorporates Surface Mount Technology (SMT) making it compact and durable enough for years of reliable performance both in the recording studio, as well as for sound reinforcement and broadcast use. Matched pairs may be special ordered for stereo use.

  • Acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, string instruments and woodwinds
  • Drum overheads, high hat or snare (with optional pad)
  • Orchestral, choir and stage - performance
  • Voice or narration

    Three capsules are available so an engineer can quickly optimize the mic for any recording situation. The cardioid capsule is perfect for directional recording or live sound and the hypercardioid capsule increases rejection of off-axis sound sources. The omnidirectional capsule is useful for choir and orchestral recordings where the engineer wishes to include the ambiance of the environment as part of the recording.

SCX-Capsules (cardioid)(hyper-cardioid)(omni)

SCX-one Pre-amp $219.00
Cardioid - $219.00  Hypercardioid-$249.00  Omni-directional $219.00

S  P  E  C  I  F  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S

Type: Condenser (transformerless)
Frequency Response: Cardioid/Hypercardioid - 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Omni - 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Three Polar Patterns Available: Cardioid
Maximum SPL: Cardioid/Hypercardioid - 130 dBA
Omni - 132 dBA
Sensitivity: Cardioid -56 dB (1.6dB=1V/u)
Hypercardioid -56 dB (1.6dB=1V/u)
Omni -60 dB (1.0dB=1V/u)
Impedance: 600 ohms
Power: 48-52 volts DC phantom power required
Connector: Gold plated three pin make XLR
(pin 2 hot)
Housing: Brass with E-coat finish
Stand adapter: Included
Optional accessories: -10dB attenuator, shock mount, pop filter screen and windscreen
Weight: 4 ounces


The Powerhouse Series represent a new generation in sound reproduction. By combining the very latest advances in micro-electronics and speaker design with a single minded commitment to create the best powered monitors you can buy, these speakers deliver a truly professional quality sound, and offer a tremendous value. Once you audition a pair of Powerhouse monitors, you'll notice the difference.

Powerhouse Series PH3-s Speaker

Audix PH3-s

For the utmost compact and high-quality system, the 20W per channel PH3-s are unbeatable. A compact and versatile solution for applications requiring high definition sound in a transportable package.Price: $179.00.

Powerhouse Series PH5-vs Speaker

Audix PH5-s

The 25W per channel PH5-vs delivers a contemporary sound which emphasizes a very clean and articulate mid-range with very low distortion. Ideal for a variety of music and multimedia applications. Powerful, dynamic and compact. Price: $249.00.

Powerhouse Series PH15-vs Speaker

Audix PH15-vs

The 45W per channel PH15-vs delivers true pro-level sound quality. A smooth and accurate response make them ideal for a variety of professional applications including off-line editing, broadcast and multi-media presentations. Price: $379.00.

Powerhouse Series PH250 Speaker

Audix PH250

The ultimate in monitor and amplifier leading-edge technology. The PH250 offers 50W per channel of pure quality sound. Price: $499.00.


Achieving professional levels of accuracy across the full spectrum of music requires sophisticated design. high quality drivers and crossovers, an innovative enclosure, solid assembly controls and a tangible human element.

  Studio Series
Studio Series Studio 1A Monitors

Audix Studio 1A

Offers startling clear, concise sound reproduction across the full-frequency spectrum without distortion of false coloration. Compact and unobtrusive whether in a studio or on the road. Price: $479.00.

  Reference Series
Reference N-5 Monitors  Reference N-10 Monitors

Audix Reference N-5 & N-10

Designed for serious audio professionals, the Reference Series provide an extremely flat response with virtually no distortion. Impulse response is excellent, faithfully reproducing the spatial quality of the original sound while the highly synchronous transient response allows the most subtle instrumental tonal nuances to come through without false coloration. The ultimate reference speakers for the discerning audio professional. Reference N-5 Price: $1196.00   Reference N-10 Price: $1596.00.

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